Undergraduate Studies in Mathematics

Today more than ever, mathematics plays a dominant role in the physical and engineering sciences and has a firm place in the fields of biology, medicine, economics, and finance. With the enormous advances in computer technology, we are now able to effectively study and simulate very complex phenomena. This study requires systematic, rigorous thinking and problem solving, which mathematicians do on a daily basis.

The bachelor degree program in applied mathematics offers a flexible curriculum that prepares students for many career paths, whether the goal is employment or advanced study in mathematics or a related area. The program includes fifteen semester hours of mathematics electives and fourteen semester hours of free electives, making it especially attractive to students seeking a dual degree in another area such as physics, computer science, or economics.

The bachelor degree program in discrete mathematics is highly interdisciplinary. It emphasizes combinatorics, graph theory, and other areas of mathematics that are of increasing importance in computer science and systems engineering. Core courses in computer science and systems engineering are included as part of the curriculum.

The more than fifty undergraduate courses offered by the School of Mathematics cover a broad range of academic interests. The collective expertise of the fifty tenured and tenure-track faculty members encompasses a vast variety of subjects. The school maintains a friendly and personal feel with plenty of opportunities for student-faculty interactions.

For more information, please see www.math.gatech.edu, or contact the School’s Undergraduate Advisor, Dr. Enid Steinbart (enid.steinbart@math.gatech.edu).

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