Undergraduate Studies in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

In the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (EAS), students and faculty alike are motivated by the desire to understand the world around us. Dramatic events often trigger our curiosity—events such as the destruction brought on by a tornado, the trembling of an earthquake, health concerns due to air pollution, the beauty of mountain ranges, and the many other ways our planet affects our everyday lives.

The EAS curriculum emphasizes the application of basic scientific principles to understand the earth, oceans, and atmosphere. High quality undergraduate teaching is important in EAS and relatively small class sizes provide ample opportunities for close interaction with eminent faculty.

EAS further supplements classroom training with hands-on experiences in laboratories and the field. There are also exciting opportunities to do research with faculty, including the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience, which includes a weekly series of seminars and panel discussions. During their undergraduate career in EAS, students may collect damage reports from tornadoes, monitor ozone levels in urban Atlanta, analyze river water quality, run visualization software to track motion in the oceans or atmosphere, or examine satellite data.

EAS majors can become environmental scientists, air quality specialists, earth scientists, and meteorologists. (EAS majors in meteorology meet all the requirements of the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Service). EAS alumni are employed by The Weather Channel, the Fox Network, environmental and petroleum consulting firms, the Atlanta Regional Commission and state environmental agencies, the Environmental Protection Agency, and NASA. Many other students have gone on to pursue graduate degrees.

For more information, please see www.eas.gatech.edu, or contact the School’s Undergraduate Advisor, Dr. Zak Handlos (zachary.handlos@eas.gatech.edu).

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