Undergraduate Research in Biochemistry

Biochemistry majors are strongly encouraged to become actively involved in research. Students working in world renowned research groups in the school have contributed to research that has been presented at national and international conferences and published in leading scholarly journals. For example:

• Undergraduate Rebecca Hood presented her research with Professor Adegboyega Oyelere on non-peptide macrocyclic histone deacetylase inhibitors at the Beckman Scholars conference held in Irvine, CA.

Michael Chen appeared as a coauthor with Professor Nicolas Hud on the paper “Intercalation as a Means to Suppress Cyclization and Promote Polymerization of Base-pairing Oligonucleotides in a Prebiotic World,” published in the top-ranked Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

• In addition to conducting undergraduate research at Georgia Tech, undergraduate Samiya Hussain gained experience at the Cardiothoracic Research Lab in the Carlyle Fraser Heart Center at Emory University Hospital, and Joseph Conn participated in a research experience at Clemson University in the field of computational biophysical chemistry